Quick week

Questions:  If you are writing this after conference share some of you impressions that you had while watching conference.

We will see if we get the chance!

Has your companion been able to get his drivers license yet?


Tell us about your week and whatever is on your mind.

I  honestly don’t know if I will get the moment this week to write more than an I love you and that I had a great week. I enjoyed my birthday but 20 to 21 doesn’t feel like that big of a difference 🙂 I am happy.


Elder Tonkinson

[second note]


This was my birthday breakfast 🙂 I am a pig. I cooked already frozen waffles and then put ice cream on them…. We had interviews on my birthday so I woke up early and made them really quick for my companion and me, and then we left. President passed by in his van to take us with him and when we got in he said happy birthday, gave me a hug and then passed me a cake that Hermana Kahnlein had gotten up to make that morning, still warm 🙂 it was delicious and we had a great day.

Now for more spiritual things.


This is the Rojas Sondoval family. This baptism was last sunday and it was one of the most spiritual experiences of my mission. I feel that there are certain people that I have helped to convert in some way. However, with this family I feel that in large part the effort that I made to help them and to share the gospel with them converted me more to the gospel. It is so much harder to teach a family, and it is so much more gratifying to see them change. I am thankful for the opportunity that I had to teach them and to participate in their baptism. I baptized the son, my companion the daughter, a recent convert who is between us in the picture baptized the mom and Cesar (on the far right) baptized the dad.

Up till the moment, I am loving conference and enjoying the revelation.

This is as much as I am going to get written today.

Thank you for your love and support, I always feel it.

Con cariño,

Elder Tonkinson

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