This week went by like a blur. It came and it went without even feeling it. It was just fast.

Share something you have been taught this week.

  • Something that I learned this week was to be a little more humble. When we go on interchanges we [the assistants to the president] are supposed to be the ones that train. However, this week on an interchange I was trained on how to be a good missionary. This week, we left with President to the north and did interviews for three days. On the second day, we had enough time in the afternoon to divide and conquer and go out with two pairs of Zone Leaders in La Serena. I went out with the Zone Leaders in La Serena in my old sector. I was delighted to be there and excited to be working with the both of them. When we got into a lesson at one point the investigator had a question that had nothing to do with the lesson and started expressing a bunch of doubts. I was floored. It had been a long time since I had taught an investigator this hostile and I hadn’t had time to review what we were going to teach because we had been busy all day. The two of them looked at me for a second; and then when they realized I didn’t have an instant answer, they looked at their investigator and with total calmness started to teach. They shared testimony, scriptures, and directed it to what they wanted. I was impressed and humbled. It was a good experience.

Share a recent challenge.

  • I have had a really hard time recently accepting the Lord’s timing on things. I don’t know why.  I haven’t been able to just be patient with the timing of the Lord. With other people, I haven’t found it overly difficult to wait for the Lord’s timing so that they can change or recognize. I have actually found it relatively easy compared to other moments in my life. But I just can’t get it for myself. That has been my biggest challenge recently, and I hope to get over it soon (there is the impatience again).

How has your life  been blessed by others over the past week?

It has been so fortifying to see my converts this week. They are all progressing, and all preparing themselves for callings or to pay their tithing, or various other things. I love it.

Share whatever is on your mind and tell us about your week.

There are a lot of things on my mind this week 🙂 or more to the point at this very moment, but I really don’t know how to communicate them all.

I love you all,

Elder Tonkinson

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