Good week.

Questions of the week:

Tell us about your favorite teaching moment

  • Mark once described that it is hard sometimes to get to the computer on P-day and think back on the whole week and be able to recount what it is that happened. Recently, I have been pulling out my agenda to try and remember what were the truly incredible moments of the week.
  • The husband of a recent convert here in the ward is in the navy and has been away for about 2 months and got home for a quick weekend. He has been reading the Book of Mormon while he has been embarked. So, when we started we asked him how is reading was. He looked at us and almost embarrassed said “Well, I am not a very good reader and I have been pretty busy, but I am in Omni.” [140 pages in] ūüėČ hahaha. Normally when someone tells us that they have been busy and not been able to read much…they didn’t read at all. It was awesome.
  • Yesterday in interchanges with Elder Ascanio (companion from La Serena), we taught the end of the Plan of Salvation to a family of recent converts from last year. They have been having some struggles so we are teaching to fortify them. We taught about what happens after we die. When we started, the father asked us to stop and explained to us that he was having a couple of difficulties with the temptation to drink again and that it was beginning to tire him and his desire to fight. He told us a couple of stories of the temptation and then asked us what the purpose was. We felt inspired to NOT answer his question and continue with the lesson. So we did just that, and we started explaining how death is the¬†separation¬†of body and spirit. We read in the pamphlet where it says that “Death will not change your personality nor your desire for that which is good or bad.” ¬†At that moment the father looked at us and said “So, if I don¬īt get rid of this temptation here, then I will have it in the spirit world?” ¬†We just answered that “Yep, that is how it will be.” ¬†With that he realized the need there was to keep fighting it.

Tell us about your favorite learning moment

  • I am currently reading 4 chapters of the Book of Mormon every day. This week, I have read all of Jacob and am now in Mosiah after getting through all of the smaller books. I loved this verse from Jacob:
  • Jacob 4:10¬†“Wherefore, brethren, seek not to¬†¬†counsel¬†the Lord, but to take counsel from his hand. For behold, ye yourselves know that he counseleth in¬†bwisdom, and in justice, and in great mercy, over all his works.”
  • In thinking about that verse, I thought about in my life what I do to counsel the Lord. I think that most often I do it in my prayers. I feel that I frequently try and tell him how I want things to come out, which is completely not my duty or what I should do. I have also payed closer attention to the things which sometimes others ask and there is a phrase which at this moment I find rather interesting “We know these things that we ask of thee are just.”
  • ¬ŅWhat do we really know about if our desires are just or not???
  • That has made me a lot more willing to stop counseling the Lord this week and instead accept counsel from his hand.
  • It was a great moment of revelation.

Tell us about something that made you laugh this week

  • We taught a family this week that has a 3 year old daughter. She came and sat down on the floor next to ¬†my chair and started poking my shoes. So, I looked over at her and she looked away as if she hadn’t done anything and wasn’t involved. So I go back to teaching, and she did it again. I looked, and she looked away. And she did it for about 25 minutes, constant and steady and never once gave any reaction.
  • Last night, I was up till about 12:00. We were lying in our beds, and we just got to talking and talking and talking and before we knew it an hour had passed and we needed to go to sleep. It reminded me so much of my conversations with Mark.

Tell us about your week.

This week has been great. Full of interchanges. Full of normal missionary work. I loved it. Other than the normal office duties there was nothing extra.  So, from Monday afternoon till now we just worked.

On Tuesday evening I had a great missionary experience. I was walking in St Ines (it is a neighborhood that is on a hillside) and just felt that it was necessary to knock a door. I think it is literally the first time where I have felt really inspired to knock a specific door in all of my mission. So I of course followed the impression, and we knocked. A young mother came to the door and was so receptive to all of the things we shared. She and her husband live there with their two small children. ¬†He wasn’t home in that moment, so we fixed a time to go by for monday. ¬†I am super excited to share with them. They got married like a year ago. WOOOOOO. (Married people are hard to find in Chile)


I got a little burnt this week and the mission nurse corrected me lovingly.

“Elder your are waaay too white to be getting burnt. Don’t be a dummy” ūüôā

I love Sister Hugie. She is a grandmother whose husband passed away a couple of years ago ,who is serving here alone as the mission nurse. She normally travels with us for conferences and other such things. It is nice to have a mother like figure in the office to correct us in simple terms that we can understand.

Other then that. All is well in zion. Zion prospereth…..

Everything is great,

Much love and a big hug,

Elder Tonkinson


[I have no idea why he sent this. ¬†He also sent a video of his companion. ¬†Elder Tonkinson has been working to teach him English. ¬†His companion says “Hi Tonkinson family. ¬†I love you.” ¬†I love to hear his accent. ¬†Unfortunately, we have not paid to have the ability to upload video.]

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