How it feels to end

Will you have an opportunity to check your email next Monday?

  • Yes I can get on really quick to check my email and send and verify any last minute details

When will you travel back to Vina?

  • This is how the whole shabang works.
  • Sunday at six I have interviews with President. My final, goodbye interview of my mission. It is half an hour long.
  • I go back to my sector that evening and finish packing and visiting people.
  • Monday morning I go to the office and weigh my bags (they are fine, I took Mom’s advice and have gone leaving things behind or throwing out)
  • From there I am going to be with Elder Ascanio (definitely the best friend I have made on the mission) to visit our converts close to Viña. During this time I will look really quick at my email for any details.
  • At 5:30, we have the goodbye dinner with President and his wife. That goes until about 8:00 followed by a devotional until about 10:00.
  • That is followed by going to one of two large apartments that there are and sleeping there.
  • Tuesday we are in Santiago all day. I have time to do 4 endowment sessions [at the temple] or other different things if I so choose and then leave at about 6:00 PM for the airport.
  • From there on out, you all know my itenerary.
  • 🙂 I know it by heart

Share any success or challenges for the week, and anything else that you want or need us to know.

There are so many things to share. This week we lost several investigators. We continue to actively prune our vineyard.

Now here is the good part. I have loved working with my new companion because he helps me to recognize how much I have progressed. It is like looking into a mirror 2 years ago.

He told me this morning as we worked in companionship study.

“How did President know to put us together?  Your are too much like me!!!”

I just grinned and laughed. He has no idea how much alike we are…or how much, he is like who I was. It makes it so easy to give him ideas and plans. They are the same painful processes that I lived to recognize my own imperfection and my own need to humble myself. I am obviously not perfect by any means, but I have definitely changed.

It is interesting to recognize that it is ending. However It doesn’t change how I work. I don’t know how to explain it. I know that in 10 days I will 2000 miles away and doing other things but it really doesn’t affect me.

This Sunday I spoke in church about how the work of salvation is just a work of love. I loved it. I had a big post it with notes, an outline, and a bunch of scriptures and I just felt inspired as I spoke. I don’t remember the half of what I said but I know that it affected quite a few people.

I don’t know, this letter should be “special” but in the end it is just one of many others.

I love me mission,

Thank you all for your company in this long journey.DSC09406

All of my love

Elder Tonkinson

Also just so you know I am taking lots of pictures of normal everyday things to show you how life here is in Chile

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One Response to How it feels to end

  1. Tammy McPherson says:

    I have thoroughly enjoyed these posts!! Whenever I want to get a real feel for the missionary work in Chile, I get absorbed in this blog!! It’s been such a pleasure …

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