Quick week

Questions:  If you are writing this after conference share some of you impressions that you had while watching conference.

We will see if we get the chance!

Has your companion been able to get his drivers license yet?


Tell us about your week and whatever is on your mind.

I  honestly don’t know if I will get the moment this week to write more than an I love you and that I had a great week. I enjoyed my birthday but 20 to 21 doesn’t feel like that big of a difference 🙂 I am happy.


Elder Tonkinson

[second note]


This was my birthday breakfast 🙂 I am a pig. I cooked already frozen waffles and then put ice cream on them…. We had interviews on my birthday so I woke up early and made them really quick for my companion and me, and then we left. President passed by in his van to take us with him and when we got in he said happy birthday, gave me a hug and then passed me a cake that Hermana Kahnlein had gotten up to make that morning, still warm 🙂 it was delicious and we had a great day.

Now for more spiritual things.


This is the Rojas Sondoval family. This baptism was last sunday and it was one of the most spiritual experiences of my mission. I feel that there are certain people that I have helped to convert in some way. However, with this family I feel that in large part the effort that I made to help them and to share the gospel with them converted me more to the gospel. It is so much harder to teach a family, and it is so much more gratifying to see them change. I am thankful for the opportunity that I had to teach them and to participate in their baptism. I baptized the son, my companion the daughter, a recent convert who is between us in the picture baptized the mom and Cesar (on the far right) baptized the dad.

Up till the moment, I am loving conference and enjoying the revelation.

This is as much as I am going to get written today.

Thank you for your love and support, I always feel it.

Con cariño,

Elder Tonkinson

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¡Oh Blessed week!

How can you explain the incredible amount of blessings that I recieved this week.

We are reminding you this week to write about
-La Familia Medalla: Atributes Activity

Last week I had a lesson during an interchange with The Medalla Family. They are converts from about a year ago that have been struggling a bit to be very very active. The father doesn’t want to committ himself to do many of the things that are necessary for the spiritual growth of his family and frequently they have difficulties. When we got there the other day they were arguing a little bit and we sat down to verify how their scripture reading was. It wasn´t going so well. So We shared with them in 2 Nephi 25:26 where it says
“And we talk of Christ, we rejoice in Christ, we preach of Christ, we prophesy of Christ, and we write according to our prophecies, that our children may know to what source they may look for a remission of their sins.”

We learn from this of the importance that the scriptures have in teaching us about Jesus Christ. So we explained the connection about following Christ with happiness in their home. But it took a wrong turn when they started pointing out all of the unChristlike attributes in the other. So we stopped them, and we changed directions and did a written list of what Christlike attributes were important in the home and in home communication. When we finished each had a list of 5 characteristics that they needed to develop as individuals to make their relationship better.

The other thing we did with them was really cheesy. 🙂 I rememberd how to make up between us as siblings we alwasy had to do a list of 5 things that we loved of the other. So we had them do this list. At first they did it begrudgingly, but they got more and more endearing as the list went on and in the end they put the list in a small frame and put it on their wall. It was an incredible change in the spirit of the home, by far my favorite lesson that I have had with them.

-Familia Rojas – Chicken pox and family home evening
The Rojas Family is a family of 5. The parents, a son of 15, daughter of 11 and son of 5. They were the result of a fast to find a family that was prepared to recieve the gospel. Last Thursday, they committed to being baptized the 29th (tomorrow) as a family, and the next day their 5 year old son got chickenpox and had complications that put him in the hospital. We visited them that afternoon to share with them, and we couldn’t even go in to see their son. However, after much prayer, the next day the dad and the other two children came. Then on Sunday night the doctors reported that contrary to what they had thought, the five year old son would leave the hospital on monday evening rather than stay another week. That miracle allowed us to finish teaching the whole family. all of whom passed thier baptismal interviews last night and will be baptized tomorrow after the church meetings.

As far as the family home evening goes. They have a catering service and I am just going to send pictures of what they prepared.

This is carvacho de salmon. I don’t know what that means but it is really good!!!

Loreto y COnstanza – Baptismal interview.

Last week we had the baptism of a mom and her daughter but for their interview they got there an hour late and didn’t answer the phone the whole time. A slightly stressful situation. In the end, all went well though, and they bore thier testimonies at the end of their baptism….incredible! I have never seen a new convert with such a strong testimony of the Prophet Joseph Smith. Plus, she prays for opportunites to share the gospel and when they come she does it.



Felipe Cañoles

Let us know about changes (We assume if you end up back in the field, p-days will be Monday again, right?) and anything else on your mind.

Bueno. I am not back in the field for the moment. I am still Assistant. However there have been a couple of big changes that I want to write about. That again illustrate how much mercy the Lord has had with me this week.

When I got here and recived this assignment we almost didn’t have time to go out and work in our area. Which was something that frustrated me greatly. It was a result of a long time of doing things wrong. I shouldn’t say wrong; I should just say badly organized. Anyway, that became my big project and preoccupation, making things happen quicker and more effectively to therefore permit more chances to go out and teach without leaving behind any of our necessary functions as assistants. This week it was made a reality. This week we had changes, which is normally the craziest most exhausting week that we have, the kind of things that from Sunday evening to Wednesday night you sleep a lot less and there are always a bunch of things to do. However, this week they were so well organized that Monday night we went to bed at 12:00 and woke at 6:00 and then from there on out we slept 8 hours a night. Plus, we had time to leave behind other things that were happening to go and teach our investigators, a luxury not even dreamed of by the last assistants.
I have found that with more sleep, it is easier to focus on studies and in lessons, easier to recieve revelation, and easier to be happy. I find myself a lot more content this week then I have been in others and consequently less stressed and more excited for the things to come.

As for my birthday, Wednesday we are going to be in interviews with President again. It will pass by pretty much unobserved, although I bought things to make an awesome breakfast 🙂 All is well. What is one more year 🙂

As far as my studies go. I have taken the opportunity to study more frequently my Patriarchal blessing [see here for description] which little by little has been giving me direction about how my future should be. It is comforting to have road signs that indicate destinations rather then drive on a deserted highway not knowing where it ends. I am therefore more relaxed and find myself being a more useful tool in Heavenly Fathers hands.

Thank you for your love and support and your happy birthdays. I will remember them on Wednesday,

Elder Caleb Tonkinson

Next week with conference [General Conference, a semi-annual series of five, two hour broadcasts from Salt Lake City where members prophets and apostles provide teaching and counsel. The Broadcasts and available on BYUTV, and over the internet at LDS.org or BYUTV.org. Broadcasts are at noon and 4:00 PM ET both Saturday and Sunday. We encourage you to watch.] I don’t know how everything is going to go as far as writing goes, but I hope that you all enjoy conference.

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End of Conferences, Beginning of changes!

Is there something that you need for your birthday?

  • I think I am fine. I like hand written letters even though I know that I am terrible about writing others. They are simple and I really don’t need anything. When I leave the mission I am already going to leave a significant amount of things behind, and I don’t see a reason to get more stuff for the moment. Save any gifts for Christmas 🙂

Do Chileans make a big deal of birthdays?  How do they celebrate?

  • They are not a huge deal. But they celebrate. They normally throw birthday parties. It isn’t terribly common here that they are going to celebrate it just as a family, but instead with a typical, balloons, cake and games type of party. Is appears a lot like the typical US Birthday party. They do have some fun traditions though with the cake. The person who is having a birthday holds the cake in their hands for a picture and then while they are taking pictures someone comes up behind and shoves the face of the birthday boy or girl into the cake. The impression left by the face of the person is then their piece of the cake. the funny thing about this tradition is that it is acceptable almost everywhere. High class, low class, young or old, just go for it.

How often do you speak English?

  • With my companion in the apartment so that he can learn how to speak English well and occasionally with President  and his wife because they likes to practice as well.

How often do you run across tourists from the United States?

  • All the time. But, we do not interact very much with tourists.

Share something that was humorous, or made you laugh this week?

  • I made myself laugh. On Friday several new missionaries from the US got here. They arrived a couple days ahead of what was originally planned, so we had to make a couple of emergency adjustments. Not that big of a deal. However, in the afternoon, we sat down to talk with them and answer their questions. One of them asked about hugs. Now, here in Chile, the typical hello between men is a handshake, a hug and then another handshake, and if you leave out one of the parts it is a little weird. So I explained to them the importance of a hug and how to do it and all that and then I realized how much I have never liked physical contact with people. During my life, I have always had a personal space bubble that don’t like having invaded and as a missionary I have gotten used to it and rather enjoy it. It was a change that I hadn’t noticed and I think I remember saying in several occassions that I was never going to change. But time made a liar out of me. Realizing that change, made me laugh.
  • Last night there were several missionaries traveling that had trouble with their luggage at 1:30 in the morning and called me. So I answered, half asleep and tried to help them. Their problem was that there wasn’t any more space in the bus and so the luggage was going to have to be sent another day. So I ran through a quick verification of a couple solutions such as, being more insistent, looking for another bus, bribes and various others that normally work but nothing resulted. So I woke my companion up and asked him what he thought. But he said “Why don’t they just ask a member to bring them?”  The thing is that they live about 4 hours away. HAHAHA. When I told the missionary the solution he just started to laugh and told me to go back to sleep and that he was going to find a solution for himself, which he did.


What obstacles or challenges did you have?

  • 2 separate groups of missionaries got here with less than 2 days of beforehand notice.
  • Our enfermera [nurse] was out of town for a week.
  • A family of investigators that is progressing towards baptism just had one of their children admitted into the hospital for a serious and contagious viral infection.
  • The heating in one of the building didn’t work during a conference, and we all caught a cold.
  • This week was also Chilean independence week. The 18 of September is their independence day, but they celebrate from the 17-20.  So for the 19 when we went out to work, we could walk 10 minutes in the city without being able to contact anyone because everyone was in their house or in large festivals.  It was absolutely nuts.

Share whatever is on your mind.

Changes. As far as my changes go. I am staying here as assistant with my companion for change number 3 together. But it really depends on if my companion passes his drivers test on Monday. Because if not. There are good possibilities that he leaves at some close point, and that I get a new companion. I am excited to just keep working. I have learned a lot and have been blessed to see some big changes in the way we do things so now we have a lot more time to go out and teach, to be able to do our daily scripture study and various other things that we couldn’t do before.


This letter is relatively short, but I wish I could tell you about some of the experiences that we have had in the last couple weeks with investigators and less actives.  Remind me next week to write about.

-La Familia Medalla: Atributes Activity

-Familia Rojas – Chicken pox and family home evening

-Loreto y Constanza – Baptismal interview.

Hugs for all,

Elder Tonkinson

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Have you had any trouble adjusting to Daylight savings time?

  • Zero trouble. It has been easy. Our schedule as Assistants is a little different as well and we had an emergency on sunday that kept us up late and so the daylight savings time just got wrapped up in that and I didn´t even notice that the hour changed.

Share a moment/experience  when  you felt joy this week.

  • We have 7 investigators that might get baptized on the 22nd. There are 3 that are pretty much sure and then there are 3 in a family of 4 that are almost sure, but we lack the Dad; and we don’t want to get them all baptized without the Dad, because we feel that if we wait a couple weeks more he is going to do it as well. Last night one of the investigators passed their baptismal interview, and we are going to have 2 more on monday.
  • The two that are for Monday have had a couple of difficulties with reading and meeting their other commitments. We did a little more of a focus on their reading this week, and they progressed a bunch. So, I think that they are going to be just fine. The mother talked about how she has been looking for a long time for a way to forgive herself and feels that she found it here in the church.

Share a time that you have received a prompting to do or change something and how you acted on those impressions.

  • I think that recently I have had a hard time recognizing what have been promptings because I feel that a lot of my promptings are preventative, and when I follow them nothing happens because it was prevented, and I never realize what the consequences would have been. But I do have one that is pretty significant.
  • The other day in a lesson with the mother and her daughter I felt an impression to leave them the pamphlet of the law of chastity. For all of the time that we have been sharing with them, we haven’t left them study material from the next lesson. But when we did it this time, the next lesson was so easy. They already knew what we were going to talk about. They understood the message and they already had the doubts that they wanted to be answered. We are going to do it a lot more now. Sometimes I find that we are afraid to give more information because we feel that people are not going to understand. That has no place in preaching the gospel. You just have to tell it as it is.

What is your current favorite food/meal?

  • Almost nothing has changed. I love eating quesadillas. They are quick and easy and delicious. And somewhat nutritious.
  • Food is one of my new goals. I have been working on organizing a lot of things that the assistants did in the past that made life very unorganized and made it even hard to eat reasonably well. So, within the next couple of weeks I am hoping that my current diet of quick foods changes to foods that take a little more time but make me feel better. I can tell a lot better from my mission that the food we eat affects our ability to receive revelation.

Tell us whatever is on your mind and about your week.

On my mind are:

The 7 investigators that are going to get baptized.

Changes that are coming up the 23rd and that we already need to start organizing.

Finding new investigator families because all of the ones that we have are either going to be baptized, or stopped progressing and it was time to leave them.

A missionary the other day told me that his mom reads the blog about my mission.

This week was a week of three conferences and emergency transfers and other such things. Even like this, we found the time to teach our investigators and to help them progress. It has been a tiring but fulfilling week in general. This next week should be the same. We also finalized a schedule so that we can always have our studies, and I have recognized a huge difference between studying when I can get a couple of minutes and having 2 hours of straight study. It is incredible, and I realize that It is a principle that I should apply in my “earthly” studies as well.

I love the things that I am learning as a missionary. It is a grand adventure.

I wish I had more time to write. but it has flown by.

All of my love.

Elder Tonkinson

DSC06739We had to go north to trade cars with a pair of senior missionaries. So to make the drive more exciting we went for the coast. This is a foto of con-con. A city next to viña

DSC06620This is me, from the side, driving….actually, if I am not mistaken we are in a car wash.

DSC06573This is my work desk. From where I am writing right now. my cheeks look a little chubby in this picture.

DSC06885This is the view of the sky this morning from the window of our department.

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Running from the law

Now that you have traveled around the mission, what is your favorite place to go and why?

  • I love the drive north, it is very pretty. So when we leave from Viña we go by the coast till we get to La Serena. There are a lot of green hills and ocean views, so it is at least agradable.
  • The other place that I like a lot is Quillota. It is in the interior of the country and is about 45 minutes in auto. They refer to it frequently as the California of Chile. It is very green and fertile. There are a lot of farms there.
  • we have a gorgeous mission

imageAs an experienced missionary, what do you think is the most challenging aspect of a mission?  

  • I consider the most difficult thing is to not be complacent. I have seen so many missionaries that get comfortable with where they are. They already teach well, or they speak well enough, or they don’t have any aspirations of doing better than they have done before.  So I think for many it is that.
  • For those that have the aspiration of doing better, many of them are not content when they get better or the process is slow. They want unreasonably. ( I sometimes fall into this category) They are too demanding of themselves.

How has that changed since you were new in the field?

  • When I got to the mission field I felt a lot that the most challenging thing was being %100 obedient, because it is a pretty constant effort to do it. However, obedience becomes easy when one understands and believes the principles on which it is based.
  • I also believed at one point that the hardest thing to do was to be constantly focused. But in the end that has much more to do with that we make [I left the awkward grammar rather than correcting “that we make” to “making’, as it seems to be a sign of his immersion into Spanish] sure that we have things to do at all times.
  • I think it has really changed as I have realized what is at the base of the problems, complacency.  I am thankful that the Spirit frequently makes me feel the desire to improve. It stresses me out occasionally but I keep getting better. Just because I have studied the scriptures or Preach My Gospel or I have already tried to develop some attribute of Christ I don’t stop trying to do it again, or to do it better.

Tell us about your week.

This week was very interesting. We had a zone conference in La Serena on Monday and one on Wednesday in Viña del Mar and a Conference with the Leaders of the Mission on Friday. So it was a week with a lot of work and a lot of moving around. But from those conferences come the majority of stories for today.

As it is I have one story that I will share to start, that way I am sure that I will finish writing it and that you will receive all of the laughs that you want for this week. My companion still hasn’t been able to get his licence to drive so I of course was designated driver as we went to the north. When we left on Sunday afternoon, we got to La Serena without problems and then had a wonderful conference on Monday. Our focus is sharing with the families and then getting them to the temple. So they really have been inspiring, fortifying conferences. Therefore, after the conference, we are tired as well. We didn’t see it as a good plan to drive back Monday night because I was already tired, and we weren’t in any rush. We went out [doing missionary work] with a couple of missionaries. We slept there; and then Tuesday morning at about 8:00, we left from La Serena towards Viña del Mar.

Anyway at about 12:30 we passed by what is called an area of control, where the Carabineros (police) stop cars and do random checks. Now, when we are driving I put the car in cruise control so that I don’t go over the speed limit and therefore not run any risks with police. But as we got closer to the area of control a carabinero made signals so that I should pull over. So I pulled over, rolled down my window and said

“Good afternoon”

“Good afternoon sir, do you have your documents?”

“Of course. Here they are” and I passed her the papers that she needed

“And your licence?”

So I handed her my US drivers licence”

“Sir, do you know why I stopped you?”

“Random check?” which is what I thought. I know I wasn’t speeding, my lights were on and I used my signal lights to change lanes.

“No. You were in excess of velocity, the limit is 120 KM per hour and you were going 133.” – I would later learn that this was a lie. They frequently mark a car that is going fast and leave it on the screen to show to all the cars as pretext for stopping them.


“Is this your car?”

“No, it is of the church” – and I started to sweat bullets because, I have never been stopped by a police officer.

“Ok. Sir your papers are out of date.”

“Ok, what does that mean for us”

“Well, I am going to take the vehicle and take you all to the station in papudo (a small town about 20 minutes from the area of control). There you (speaking of me specifically) will be detained for at least 48 hours and if in those 48 hours you don’t pay the fine you will not be able to leave.”

I think I almost cried. It was so terrible to hear those words. But I just said “ok…how long ago did they go out of date?”

“Two weeks ago.”


“How long have you been in the country?” the carabinero asked

“A year and nine months”

“And how  long have you been driving?”

“Four months”

“This time I am going to let you go, but go to Viña and get this taken care of the quickest possible.”

🙂 When I told president what had happened, he just said “There is a first time for everything.”

But I never hoped that my first run in with the police would be on the mission.

That was my grand adventure of the week.


Study time.

 study time


Gelato.  It isn’t nearly as good as the Gelato from Europe. But it is reasonably good.


Outside the lighthouse in La Serena with my companion and the mission nurse, who recently told me that I should be a doctor when I get done with the mission….

This was, my week and I enjoyed it a bunch.

As far as scripture study goes. I shared today with my companion my favorite scripture from the Book of  Mormon, Old Testament, New Testament, and  Doctrine and Covenants

So I will leave them with you.

Ether 12:4

Doctrine and Covenants 93:24, 36

2 Samuel 24:24

Romans 5:8

Much love,

Elder Tonkinson

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Weekly Letter.


How was your sleep this week?

  • Good.  I sleep well. Like a rock 🙂 The thing is that I have found that unlike any other time in my life I am mentally tired. Physically I have found that I can go and go and go but my mind starts shutting off or not working as fast as I would like. So I sleep well but sometimes the days are long.

Do you dream much on your mission? If so, is it mostly Spanish, English or a mixture?

Yes I dream a little bit. But I have never been able to get much of a hold of what I dreamed, just that I had one. Something interesting that I have realized though is that my dreams, I cannot identify in what language they were. That also happens frequently with my memories.  Many things that I know were in English, childhood memories or from just a couple of years ago, are frequently remembered and recalled in the language that I am speaking in the moment. Which is a very interesting consequence.

Are you getting any exercise?

I am getting a good deal of exercise. But it isn’t the exercise that I would like. With moving tables and chairs around, I actually get a decent muscle workout (meaning 20 tables for conferences and other things). It is sort of like lifting weights. However I can’t get enough cardiovascular exercise, something that I am trying to change. However, I stretch every single day :), a habit that I have developed as a way to wake me up and make sure that I don’t get any tighter then I already am.

What interaction this week was most meaningful to you?

  • I went out with the youngest zone leader that there has ever been in the mission, as much in his age as in his experience in the mission. I felt fortified as we talked and he expressed his doubts and his personal struggles. I could feel how much he had to learn but how much he had really been called of God to do what he is assigned to do.
  • I received a phone call from a missionary who knows what our lives are like in the office, who called just to thank me and that was it. A moment where I needed it, I received strength from a servant of The Lord who followed the Spirit’s guide.

Tell us about your week?

It has been a long week. One that I would love to tell in intimate detail. With its ups and downs and adventures.

The greatest news of the week is that of my extension [he sent a brief personal note to us earlier in the week so this was not the first we had heard of it]. As I said I hadn’t really received any guidance on my decision to stay or not, and so I left it at no. On Monday there was a pair of missionaries that came to the office, and President interviewed one of them. Leaving that interview, as he said goodbye to them, he turned to me. I was sitting in my desk working on a couple of reports for the week, and so I turned my chair around. He asked “When is your return date?”

“November 5…?” I answered

“Are you sure?” he asked clarifying

“Yes?” I said. Now doubting the answer.

“Are you sure it isn’t in December?” He asked smiling

“That I know of no..but why do you ask?”

“I believe that it is in December.” he grinned

“I extended?”

“Yes” he said “I believe you did.”

and that afternoon I received the new list of finishing dates and mine was in December 🙂

I for one am happy with it.

For one, it means that I will almost certainly finish outside of the office, something that I am very thankful for. I love what I am doing, but it isn’t the same as just doing what all the other missionaries do.  Since I got here, we have simplified and organized a lot of the extra, unnecessary things, but we still haven’t made it to the normal mission life. Not that it will really ever get there, but it is nice to progress.

I am excited, and I am sorry for the incoherence of this letter. Today we have to prepare everything to go north for a conference on Monday, and we had to help out with a baptism so it has been a hectic day with almost nothing of “preparation” in it.

I love my calling as a missionary, and I love that the Lord is stretching me.

I wish you all a very good week with cariño,

Elder Tonkinson

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la foto Mail Attachment


Share a goal you  have set for yourself and how the process is going.

  • I set the goal to read the scriptures every night. I am doing well with that, and it is a great benefit to be able to receive revelation.
  • To teach families. We are teaching like 6 families right now. Father, Mother and children. At least one of the Families is going to get baptized in September. It is really incredibly different teaching a whole family rather then one on one. There are more doubts, the teaching situations are harder to control but the rewards are a lot greater. It is great to see a family understand the plan of salvation. They now understand that the trials that they are having are trials that they accepted before they were born.
  • I am always putting goals to develop Christlike attributes, but I frequently find that as I focus for one week on one and then move to another I gain an attribute and then I lose it to another.


Favorite teaching moment of the week.

  • Yesterday, I was on interchanges in a place called Quillota. It is a normal town where the majority work in farming or in other agricultural side businesses (selling the goods, shipping them, or the equipment). So, in Quillota, the Zone Leaders have an investigator whose name is Eduardo. He is 94 years old and goes everywhere in a wheelchair. The thing is that he does not understand a whole lot, and he has a lot of knowledge about the bible. So he has a very hard time assimilating things like the Book of Mormon, even though he believes that there are prophets and that Joseph Smith could have been one. Therefore, our conversation was a little like this yesterday.
  • Me: Eduardo, The book of Mormon is  a record of the communication of God with prophets that lived in the Americas.
  • Eduardo: But where is Mormon in the Bible?
  • Me: He isn’t
  • Eduardo: Why isn’t he.  He should be
  • Me: The Book of Mormon was written in the Americas.
  • Eduardo: But the Bible is for all of the World.
  • Me: Eduardo, who wrote the Bible?
  • Eduardo: Inspired men?
  • Me: What do we call those men?
  • Eduardo: Prophets.
  • Me: What does a prophet do?
  • Eduardo: They receive revelation, and they write it so that we know.
  • Me: Mormon was a prophet. So what did Mormon do?
  • Eduardo: He received revelation, and he wrote it
  • Me: Very good. We can find his writings in the Book of Mormon.
  • Eduardo: But it doesn’t speak about him in the Bible.
  • Me: That is because the Bible was written in Jerusalem and the Book of Mormon was written here in the Americas.
  • Eduardo: So Mormon wasn’t a prophet because he isn’t in the bible.
  • Me: No, he is still a prophet.
  • Eduardo: But they just forgot to include him in the Bible?
  • Me: Are you a visual learner?
  • Eduardo: Yes
  • Me: (I stood up and drew a map of the world and then a Bible on one side and a Book of Mormon on the other. With Two stick figures with the word prophet over each one.)
  • Me: Where was the Bible Written?
  • Eduardo: Jerusalem
  • Me: (I drew an arrow between the Bible and Jerusalem) and who wrote it?
  • Eduardo: Prophets
  • Me: (I drew a line between the prophet and the Bible) okay. Now, do you believe that God loves all of his Children?
  • Eduardo: Of course he does, it actually says in the Bible…..(3 minutes later he finished talking about the Bible and what it says about the Love of God)
  • Me: Very good Eduardo. So if God loves all of His children and some of them lived in the Americas, who would he send to guide them?
  • Eduardo: Prophets.
  • Me: (I drew a line between the Book of Mormon and a prophet) and where would there writings be left?
  • Eduardo. In America.
  • Me: (I drew a line between the book of Mormon and Americas.
  • Eduardo: Oh, now I understand. The book of Mormon is  a record of the Communcation of God with prophets that lived in the Americas.
  • You should recognize that the first and last line are the same. It took forever but he understood.


Share whatever is on your mind .

This week I was on interchanges for most of the week. I had fun, I worked hard and ending the week I am happy, I am calm, and I feel good about life. It was nice to have a whole week of just teaching the people and not having to worry so much about other things.

Something that called my attention during my scripture study and my closing remarks.

How long can rolling waters remain impure? – Doctrine and Covenants 121:33

It is a good question. How long can we remain impure if we are working?

or repenting?

I have come to understand the Gospel as the only intelligent way to live my life.

and I love it


Elder Tonkinson

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